Early Kick Off Breakfast Club

We offer a free breakfast club to all the children, sponsored by the Huddersfield Town Foundation. Ours was the 25th Breakfast Club launched by the Foundation and we were really honoured and excited to be chosen!

This is a drop-in club, no need to book a place, children can simply turn up for their free Premiership breakfast. 

Is Breakfast Club really free for everyone?


Yes! The Huddersfield Town Foundation are fully funding Breakfast Club. It is open for all our children from nursery right the way through to Year 6.


How long will Breakfast Club run for?


There is no end date for Breakfast Club, this is now a permanent fixture of our school day.


What time does Breakfast Club run from?


Breakfast Club starts at 7.45am, children may arrive any time after that, we stop serving food at 8:30am.


What happens at Breakfast Club?


The children can have a healthy breakfast, with choices including cereal, porridge, toast, crumpets, hot chocolate and juice. Then we have a selection of toys, games, books and activities for the children to enjoy before school starts. We also run an interactive dance, fitness or yoga session every morning to put a spring in our steps at the start of every day!


My child doesn’t want to eat breakfast/eats breakfast at home, can they still come?


Yes, if they want to come along and enjoy the activities that’s absolutely fine, however we will encourage all children to eat something for breakfast, even if it’s just a glass of juice or a piece of fruit.


Do parents/carers have to stay?


No, please drop children off at reception, where they will be registered then let into Breakfast Club.


Do I have to book a place?


No, children can come whenever they like, whether it’s every day or one day a week, everyone is welcome we always have plenty of food for everyone.

Breakfast Club Menu

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