Our Classes

At Cowlersley Primary School we believe children learn more effectively through a skills based enquiry led curriculum that teaches them to be resilient, creative thinkers. Our class names reflect key skills and characteristics we aim to develop in the children.

Early Years

Discoverers and Explorers

The Early Years are the most crucial time in a child's development.  

We believe every child's first experience of school is a gateway to the wider world. 

Year 1


Building on the firm foundations of the Early Years, children in Year 1 broaden their early knowledge and skills through investigation.

Year 2


Creativity is key in Year 2 as the children become more confident in exploring their own ideas

Year 3


The children really expand their horizons in Year 3, seeking wider and deeper knowledge and understanding.

Year 4


Practical and creative, our Year 4 designers enjoy planning and implementing new ideas.

Year 5


Children in Year 5 are encouraged to rise to the challenge and question the world around them. 



Year 6


By the time the children reach Year 6 they are ready to push the boundaries of creativity and pursue innovative thinking. 

Class Dojo connects teachers with pupils and parents to build a positive classroom culture. 

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