Pupil Support

At school, your child will be able to access a wide range of support in order to help them to achieve their potential. Children are taught and guided in a variety of ways which best suit their learning style and ability. Children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) are highlighted individually and personal learning programmes (PLPs) are tailor-made to specifically meet their needs. 

What are Special Educational Needs?


Pupil and Parent/ Carer Voice 

At Cowlersley Primary School, we believe that pupils and parents/carers should be involved in all aspects of SEND provision from planning to monitoring and evaluation. The aim is that, where appropriate, children, parents and carers will be actively involved in setting expected outcomes and deciding approaches alongside school and other professionals. We strive to offer the best support for children with Special Educational Needs in our school, and consider this process to be a partnership between home and school so the children can fulfil their potential. 

Some children have needs or disabilities that affect their ability to learn. For example:

  • behavioural/social (eg difficulty making friends)

  • reading and writing (eg dyslexia)

  • understanding things

  • concentrating (eg attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD)

  • physical needs or impairment


There are four areas of SEN which include; cognition and learning needs, speech, language and communication needs, social, emotional and mental health(SEMH) needs and sensory/physical needs.


If you think your child may have special educational needs, contact the person in school who is responsible for special educational needs. This person is called the ‘SEN coordinator’, or ‘SENCO’. Mrs Gough is our school SENCO.

SEND Code of Practice

Under the SEND Code of Practice January 2015, following on from the Children and Families Bill 2014, all schools are advised to publicise their SEND Information Report on their website to help parents and carers understand the SEN process. Click here to view our SEND report.

To view the Kirklees offer please click on the link below to find out more about what services are available locally:



Useful Websites 

Below are some useful websites for getting support and finding out more information:

Mrs Gough is our SENCO and is responsible for leading Inclusion and SEN throughout the school.


She works closely with Mr Mitchell who is our Pastoral Leader. 

Mrs R Gough
Mr Robert Mitchell

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