Cowlersley Primary School is committed to ensuring the welfare and safety of every child in school and keeping your child safe is our number one priority. We follow the Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board procedures and carry out annual safeguarding audits and regular training and checks. 

The school will, in most circumstances, endeavour to discuss all concerns with parents about their children. However, there may be exceptional circumstances when the school will discuss concerns with duty and assessment and/or the police without parental knowledge (in accordance with Kirklees Safeguarding Children procedures). We will, of course, always aim to maintain a positive relationship with parents. 

What the children say...

We know that if we need help we can talk to the safeguarding team or any adult and they will help us. 

We like the Worry Box. We write our name and put it in the box if we are worried and someone will help. 

Parent Comments

They are always there to help. 

We really appreciate the support.

The Safeguarding Team

At our school it is very important that our children know 'How to get help' if they have any worries or are afraid. Please click to view our Pupil Safeguarding Leaflet. This leaflet is displayed around the school for our children to read.  

Pupil Safeguarding Booklet

Click on the link above to access the ChildLine website and details of who to contact. 

Safeguarding links

Click below to read our safeguarding and child protection policies

If you have any concerns about any child in your community and would like more information or to report a safeguarding issue please use the following sites:




Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board



Keeping Children Safe In Education

School Safeguarding Policy

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