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Early Years

The children begin to learn pre-writing skills from nursery and reception with a wide variety of fine and gross motor activities in indoor and outdoor provision to improve strength and dexterity in fingers, wrists and arms. Don't be surprised to find children painting sheds or washing floors with mops and brushes. It's all part of the process! 


Children in the Early Years also take part in daily Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle and Dough Disco sessions that help to build writing stamina. When the children are developmentally ready they will learn correct pencil grip and letter formation. Children learn to write in cursive (joined up) handwriting and use the Letter Join system from reception. In the Early Years children will progress to writing simple words, labels and lists and sentences. Some may even move on to writing simple stories. 


Key Stage 1 & 2

Children in Key Stage 1 and 2 are taught to write in a variety of styles including prose, poetry, biographies, blogs, explanations, recounts and reporting, and to suit different purposes and audiences. Children in Year 1 and Year 2 enjoy using Talk for Writing to help them develop the necessary skills for writing stories and narratives. 

As each child progresses, the correct use of spelling, grammar and punctuation is taught as set lessons and encouraged throughout. The children progress towards being able to write using joined up lettering, legibly and neatly, leading to taking a pride in the presentation of all their work. Our aim is for children to:

  • Nurture their writing ability so they become good writers. 

  • Develop their ability to write fluently and with interesting detail on a number of topics throughout the curriculum.

  • Cultivate a rich and vivid imagination which makes readers engage with and enjoy their writing.

  • Develop a wide vocabulary and an excellent knowledge of writing techniques to extend details or description.

  • Develop well-organised and structured writing, which includes a variety of sentence structures.

  • Learn excellent transcription skills that ensure each child's writing is well presented and punctuated, spelled correctly and neat.

  • Develop a love of writing and an appreciation of its educational, cultural and entertainment values.

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